Beard Balm How to Use and Apply

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Want to know how to use and apply Beard Balm? Well keep on scrolling my fellow beard lover!

Now, we all know our minds are racing with important thoughts for the day - "When and what am I going to eat next? Damn my neighbour looks hot today. How can we really be sure that the earth is round?"

With all these important thoughts buzzing around, the best way to make sure you don’t forget to apply your beard balm daily is to make it part of your self care routine.

We suggest you apply your balm after your morning shower when your beard is warm and damp. This is when your hair - and skin - will best absorb our balm’s key ingredients.

Scoop out a small amount (about the size of your thumbnail) of balm from the tin. You’ll ultimately be the best judge in determining how much is right for your beard, but we suggest to start small and work up from there. (Slick Daddy pro tip: Use the back of your thumbnail, and scrape the surface of the balm towards you. This will prevent wasting precious product by getting it all up under your nails.)

Rub the balm vigorously into the palms of hands until it is fully melted (the way you would rub your palms together in anticipation before an epic meal). Massage it into your beard in a downward motion starting from your cheeks. Be sure to run your fingers through it so no hair gets left behind. Use your fingertips to coat the hairs of your moustache.

Follow the steps above daily and enjoy the result - a soft, manageable, itch & beardruff free beard.

Ready to add a little Beard Balm to your routine? Shop it here. Or, have you thought about pairing your beard balm with beard oil?


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